Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Michael Connelly & Steve McQueen

Michael Connelly

USA Today has a good article on Michael Connelly, author of the Harry Bosch detective series and the Mickey Haller "Lincoln Lawyer" series. Connelly has become one of my favorite writers. I love his Harry Bosch series.
The article page also features a video interview of Connelly, in which he reveals that his vision of the best actor to play Harry Bosch onscreen is the late Steve McQueen. Connelly says when he created Harry Bosch, he was picturing McQueen in his role as the detective Bullitt.

Steve McQueen in
The Great Escape

That was a surprise to me, because I hadn't pictured Bosch as being anything like McQueen. But then, it's been a long long time since I saw the movie Bullitt. I'll have to put that on my NetFlix queue. My favorite of the roles he played was his character in The Great Escape, Virgil Hilts, "The Cooler King."

McQueen, who was nicknamed the King of Cool, died 30 years ago. If he'd survived he'd be 80 years old now. It's hard to picture an 80-year-old Steve McQueen.


Charles Gramlich said...

I didn't think of Bosch as being like McQueen either, but by the time I read the first Bosch book McQueen was long gone.

Lana Gramlich said...

That's interesting.
Has it really been 30 years since we lost McQueen? Wow...

cs harris said...

Steve McQueen is the last person I'd have picked for Bosch. But then, I loved McQueen when I was young and I am not a fan of Bosch, who has nothing sexy about him at all!