Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alternative Olympic Sports

My last post noted that the IOC has added BMX racing to the Games this year. In an earlier comment Steve Malley had listed BMX as one of the sports on his list of fantasy Olympics games. His others are pole dancing and dodgeball.

I suggested the addition of pogo stick. Steve Malley immediately came up with a list of pogo stick events: "single pogo, team pogo, triple-bounce for height and again for distance, single-bounce the same way, perhaps even a sort of pogo-obstacle course!"

Lana Gramlich suggested bungee jumping....(Cool, but really scary to me--no heights, please!)

Shauna Roberts suggested cat herding--it "would require athletes with speed, balance, and agility." (Claw-proof uniforms, too...that probably would be the most challenging Game of all.)

Bzzzt! (Light bulb above head) Faithful readers, what are your ideas for alternative Olympic sports?


Steve Malley said...

My favorite remains... DODGEBALL!

Love that pogo-pic!

Charles Gramlich said...

Chess, of course. Scrabble. Chinese checkers, Monopoly.

Sidney said...

I had one of those 24-hours bugs yesterday so about all I could do was veg and watch some of the daytime coverage which includes some of the less exciting sports such as table tennis.

I really kept waiting for dodgeball to come up.

Charles has some good ideas, too, but I think it might be Scrabulous that made it to Olympic competition today, or Wii sports.

Shauna Roberts said...

Googling. The judges could ask an obscure question, and the athletes would be judged on accuracy of answer, speed of finding the answer, and elegance of search strategy.

Anonymous said...

I would SO watch your Olympics!!!