Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Five Writing Strengths

A long time ago Shauna Roberts tagged me for a writing meme: to list five of my writing strengths. It would be easier to list five writing weaknesses, but I finally came up with these:

1. Excellent command of punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as large vocabulary.
2. Widely read in fiction, especially genre fiction, resulting in broad knowledge of literary conventions and reader expectations on which to draw for own writing.
3. Instinctive grasp of good writing style.
4. Good at analyzing facts and setting them out in readable fashion (a skill more useful in writing nonfiction than fiction.)
5. Ear for lyrical language.

Whew. I'm cringing. Too much training in self-deprecation, not enough in self-praise. Better post this before I change my mind and erase everything!


Anonymous said...

6. Your readers love your writing :)

cs harris said...

These are all very important attributes, and I can attest to each one.

Shauna Roberts said...

At last! :-) These are good strengths to have, and I know you have many more.

Steve Malley said...

I'm having one of those days where I couldn't think of writing strengths to save myself.

Good list!