Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blog Harvest

I am at home semi-sick (feels like flu coming on), but had to check out my favorite blogs, plus some I haven't read before, and the links on each lead to more articles, with more links...well, you know how it goes. Here are some tidbits I found.

takes on one of my favorite rants, the lack of adequate proofreading in books now being published. In Castration by Drapery, or, The Importance of Good Editing Booksquare focuses on a recent J.D. Robb novel full of mistakes that should have been corrected in the editing process. J.D. Robb, author of a best-selling futuristic/paranormal romantic suspense series, is a pseudonym of fabulously successful romance author Nora Roberts. I was impressed that The Nora herself responded to Booksquare's post, with apologies for the errors and a promise to have her publishing team work harder on catching all those nagging little nasties before publication.

The Renegade Writer talks about she writes her freelance magazine articles so quickly in Channeling Your Inner Squirrel.

Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind takes a look at the types of readers who like mysteries in Oh, so that explains it--which actually is a comment with a link to an article on that subject, but you're being sent to Confessions first because it's an excellent blog for readers and writers.

And for some juicy/bitchy gossip-speculation, read Gawker on Stalk of the Town: Maury Povich's Current Affair. Alas, poor Connie Chung....


Charles Gramlich said...

Almost too many riches. Thanks for all the links.

cs harris said...

On proofreading: While some errors creep into a book during production, a book full of mistakes was turned in that way by the author. An author has at least two more chances to fix her mistakes: she is sent the copyedited version, and the galleys. It is her choice not to reread at that point. To push all the blame off onto the "publishing team" strikes me as...well, blame shifting. Of course, all that rereading and correcting takes time that some authors choose to spend writing another book. I choose not to read them.

Anonymous said...

These gossip columns are wicked good. Totally addicting.