Friday, May 16, 2008

The Sound of Success

The great thing about newspapers is that the factoids are more fun than the real news. For example, this Associated Press article from earlier this week grabbed my attention.

It reports that Velcro USA marked the 50th anniversary of its patent of the hook-and-loop fastener by lining one-and-a-half miles of Manchester, N.H. streets with employees who performed a "wave" by tearing apart swatches of Velcro in succession.

You can even see video of the big event here.

I love it. Saturday Night Live couldn't have thought this one up. And let us all give tribute to the inimitable hook-and-loop fastener, without which our world would be far less convenient, and much less fun.

Viva La Velcro!


Lisa said...

This is too funny. From Nov 2004 until Jan 2006 we lived in Goffstown, NH about a mile from Manchester, which I believe is the biggest "city" in New Hampshire. It's a quirky little place :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Man, I love Velcro. I only buy velcro tennis shoes these days. Not sure I can even tie a shoelace anymore.

Anonymous said...

I loved in Garden State where Zach Braff's buddy became a multi-millionaire by inventing "silent velcro."

Sphinx Ink said...

Lisa, I'd like to visit New Hampshire one day...the furthest into New England I ever went was a few days in Massachusetts many years ago. It snowed while I was there, which was a thrill--as a Louisianan, I've seen snow only a few times in my life.

Charles, I too only buy Velcro tennis shoes any more.

Pete, I saw Garden State, but don't remember it well enough to recall the "silent Velcro" part. All I can say is, if anyone ever does learn to make Velcro silent, they will indeed become multi-millionaires!