Thursday, February 01, 2007

P.O.V. Change

If you have read this blog in past, you'll notice a difference in it beginning today. Previously, the entries were written in third person. Beginning today, I will post in first person.


After activating the blog, Sphinx Ink--I--thought it would be entertaining and lend a humorous air to the blog to write entries in third person, in the vein of Miss Manners and Ms. Mentor.

It has been amusing, and sometimes challenging, to stay in third person. I've come to realize, however, that because a blog is a sort of diary, it's constricting to have to post only in third person. Some thoughts and musings are harder to convey when made in third person. The distancing and occasionally supercilious effect created by that persona was a bar to some things I wanted to express.

I considered creating a second blog, in which I could speak in first person, but discarded the idea because I don't find time to post on one blog as often as I'd like to, much less on two.

So I decided to make a sea change by switching point of view. And here I am...still Sphinx Ink, but speaking to you from the "I."


Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I like the more intimate approach. Welcome to the land of the first person people, Sphinx

Charles Gramlich said...

How daring of you Sphinx. I'll try to forgive you for slumming. But I'm quite sure you could never seem less than erudite in whatever person.

Anonymous said...

OR--You could, now and then, use the second person,and accuse your readership of all kinds of sins and secrets.

You Sphinx Ink readers, you are a special breed! You eat, you sleep, you read, you worship Sphinx Ink! Maybe, because you're human, you need an oil change or dental work!

You are special, you are beautiful, you deserve a snack!

You are strong, you are invincible. Hear you roar!

Your pal,

Basil S. Ratbane

RK Sterling said...

Liking the change very much, Sphinx! :)