Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yeee Haaaa!

Yeeee Haaaa! The Saints won their playoff game against the Eagles. Enough cannot be said about this fabulous team. As noted in a prior post, Sport as Metaphor, I was never before a football fan (though always hopeful for the home team), but last September I became caught up in the miracle that is the 2006 Saints team. After the game ended with victory for the Saints, my neighborhood came alive with people running outside their houses and yelling. Fireworks were going off all over the place (yep, it's illegal, but hey....) For a better description of the game than I can give, see Charles Gramlich's blog entry today.

This event is wonderful not just because of the Saints' pitiful past as perhaps the worst team in NFL history, but more because the symbolism of the Saints' victories amidst the devastation of our city means so much to all of us.



Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

Okay, first, you can't say BLESS YOU BOYS. That's a Detroit Tigers' slogan, and one that was only used really in 1984.

That being said: I've already given my Saints' cheer on Charles blog, so this would only be redundant for me to do it here.

Instead, let me wish the Saints well, and salute you Louisiana folk.

Sidney said...

Whooo hooo for the team!