Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post-Holiday Catch-Up

I have returned to the blogworld! After ten days of holiday freedom--sleeping, reading, moviewatching, surfing the Net, and blogging at will--I returned to my office to find my in-box piled high, and my free time correspondingly limited. Muddy from slogging through the trenches of legalistic bovine effluvium for the past week, I have finally emerged to flap my wings and cruise the cyber airwaves. I'm developing some ideas for in-depth posts, but for now will give you a few interesting links I've collected lately:

'Butt print' artist fired from teaching job

Signs of a thaw in writers' 30-year feud

In Warren's Words: Plagiarism

Orgasmic Simulator


Charles Gramlich said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a good break. That piece on plagiarism is indeed chilling, although I guess we'll be OK if we don't make any money from writing.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Plagarism. Notice how it's okay for Sony and the studios to go after people for downloading stuff of theirs from the net??? What an outcry!!! Headlines!!!! If you take from a corporation, the FBI comes after you. Steal from a lowly writer and the Supreme Court says you can't copyright an idea.