Monday, December 24, 2007

A Few Interesting Links, and Some Greetings

A few interesting articles:

If you like Top Ten lists, Time Magazine has 50 Top 10 Lists of 2007 for you.

Over at The Outfit: A Collective of Chicago Crime Writers, Kevin Guilfoyle talks about how media coverage of books nowadays tends to focus more on the business of publishing rather than on the products of the publishing houses. As an example, Guilfoyle links to "Anatomy of a Thriller," the Wall Street Journal's recent article on the prepublication promotional machine kicking into high gear for a debut book by a new thriller writer who received a million-dollar advance (28-year-old screenwriter Tom Rob Smith). Cleverly, Guilfoyle titles his blog entry "Don't Know Much about Anatomy."

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it; Season's Greetings to those who don't. And for those who not only don't celebrate, but don't want anyone else to celebrate, Bah Humbug!


Steve Malley said...

Merry Christmas, Sphinx!

Shauna Roberts said...

Hope your Christmas and New Year are happy and prosperous!

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas to you too Sphinx!

Charles Gramlich said...

So the publishing world is becoming more about show too, and less about the quality of the product. Who'd a thunk it?

Merry Christmas

Lana Gramlich said...

Happy impending New Year! :)

Sidney said...

Happy New Year! The Outfit looks interesting.